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National Academy of Art

Attraction type: Education and Sciences
Address: 1 Shipka Str., Sofia 1000
Phone: 00359 2 9881702
Fax: 00359 2 9878064
Email: еduoffice@nha-bg.org

Today the former Drawing School is called National Academy of Art, which till this very day is still considered to be the most prestigious Bulgarian institution for training professional artists in the field of fine and applied arts, design, conservation and restoration and history and theory of art.

The National Academy of Art has two departments, of Fine Arts and of Applied Arts.

The chairs in both departments are responsible for teaching and research, and for the development and implementation of the curricula in the following fields where students acquire professional university degrees of Bachelor of Arts, Master of Arts and Doctor of Arts.

The curricula of all disciplines incorporate History of Art, Aesthetics, Philosophy, Drawing, Anatomy, Perspective, Foreign languages, Sports. The students willing to qualify as teachers, study the additional disciplines of Pedagogy, Applied experimental psychology of visual arts, Psychology, Mapping, Pedagogical practice and Methodology of visual arts.