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Sofia Airport Terminal 2 (SOF)

Attraction type: Transport points
Address: 1 Hristofor Columb blvd., Sofia
Phone: 00359 2 937 2211
Mobile: 00359 2 937 2212
Fax: 00359 2 937 2010
Email: public@sofia-airport.bg

Terminal 2 was officially opened on 27 December 2006 with the symbolic arrival of Bulgaria Air flight FB 408 from Brussels. The modern architectural design is resembling a spaceship landed amid the Sofia plain.

The Sofia airport received a new terminal, new aircraft parking aprons, upgrading the existing aircraft parking aprons and the construction of connecting taxiways. The terminal has seven air-bridges, 38 check-in desks and covers an area of 50,000 sq. m. and has a car park for 820 vehicles. The car park is located at the four underground levels to the east of Terminal 2 and is significantly bigger than the parking area of Terminal 1 Airport. A passageway connects the halls to the parking garage.

The passenger terminal building is designed with a capacity of 2,000 peak hour passengers or up to 2.6 million passengers a year, plus 26,000 tons of luggage. For the first time in Bulgaria, an airport terminal has airbridge-equipped gates instead of relying on airside busses.

Sofia Airport Terminal 2 has commercial units on a total area of 4000 sq. m., which offer passengers a variety of services – restaurants, cafe-bars, shops, tourist and rent-a-car services, banks and bureaus de change. The automated baggage handling system with integrated four-level security control, thirty-four check-in desks, and the modern flight information display system are only part of the facilities providing high level of customer service to the thousands of passengers per peak hour. The access to the eight levels of the terminal building is facilitated by 12 elevators and 7 escalators.

The airlines ticketing offices, tourist and car hire desks, banks, post office, and cafeterias in Terminal 2 are located in the public area. The travel retail shops, Bulgarian wine and spirits shop and Business lounges are located airside beyond the area of border control. Sofia Airport Terminal 2 is designed with special attention to disabled passengers.

Useful information upon arrival
When you arrive at Sofia airport Terminal 2 do not hurry to exchange money before you pass the border control. The exchange office there is buying foreign currencies at a lot lower price then you can get in the bank outside. For example the exchange rates for 1 EUR is 1.94 (buying) and 1.96 (selling), at the exchange offices they will buy your euro notes for 1.49 leva.
When you go outside in the lobby, on your left side there is United Bulgarian Bank office (OBB/UBB). You can go there and get regular rates. If you arrive during the night when the bank office is closed, we recommend exchanging just 10 – 20 euro which should be enough to get you to your hotel.

OK SuperTrans is the official taxi provider to Sofia airport. Taxis are in front of the Arrivals Hall. Taxi ride from Sofia Airport to the city center usually costs 5-7 Euros (10 to 15 leva). Fraudsters, posing as legitimate taxi drivers in the lobby often demand 50 Euro or more for a ride into town. The airport has done many things to keep away fraudulent taxi drivers.

  • Order your OK SuperTrans taxi at + 3592 973 2121 or at their window in the Arrivals Hall.
  • Check the prices before you enter the taxi. The official price must be displayed on the window of each cab – it is about 0.59/0.70 leva per kilometer (day/night).

To avoid being scammed by the taxi drivers, please take a look at this article.