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The former Communist Party House

Attraction type: Government buildings

The former Communist Party House /Bulgarian: Partien Dom/ is now used by the National Assembly of Bulgaria. Today the building is mainly used as Government offices and the splendid Sofia Hall is occasionally used for charity concerts.

The light-coloured neo-classical edifice lies at the end of the Independence Square, but it is the evidence how former Communism leaders in Bulgaria made their effort to follow the whole Communism concept and establish a grandiose building with the intention to house the Communist Party central Committee. The impressive building, now one of top Sofia’s landmarks, was designed by a team of prominent architects. It was completed in 1955. In order to represent the Communism in Bulgaria, a massive red star crowned the rocket-shaped spire of the building. However, when Bulgarians attempted to torch the building in 1990, the star was removed in a hasty manner. Subsequently the red star was substituted by the flag of Bulgaria.