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Todor Alexandrov Boulevard

Attraction type: Transport points

Todor Alexandrov is one of the main boulevards in Sofia. It starts at the city center at the Sheraton hotel and it goes west at the direction of Lyulin districts. There are 10 districts (Lyulin 1, Lyulin 2… Lyulin 10) and this is one of the biggest residential areas. Combined Lyulins are being considered a “city within the city” and Todor Alexandrov Boulevard is the main road used by all Lyulin citizens to go to work at the Sofia center.

Every day the four lanes road is being used by hundreds of thousands of citizens.  To facilitate the transportation a green light wave has been implemented, allowing cars to move forward with 50 km/h without stopping at traffic lights.

At both sides of Todor Alexandrov Boulevard there were old buildings which were destroyed and on the new plots of land many office and residential buildings were built. Having in mind the price of the land there and the type of construction, the area along Todor Alexandrov Blvd. will eventually become the Bulgarian Manhattan in the next decade.