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When you are in Sofia go to see the local attractions and collect some good memories and a brief overview of Bulgarian history and culture. The city is one of the oldest in Europe. It was found on the site of a former Neolithic village in VIII BC. Its name comes from the Greek word “Sofia” which means wisdom. You can see many old buildings, old streets, monasteries and artifacts that are preserved to tell the story of the city. But Sofia is not all about ancient and medieval monuments. Today the image of Sofia is changing fast. There are many new attractions - modern buildings, parks, malls, museums, galleries, universities, etc. There are so many attractions on a walking distance in Sofia that you will be amazed by the short distances between them. As there are hundreds of attractions there is something for everyone. Please take a look at the list of local attractions that we have prepared for you.

Soviet Army Monument

The Monument to the Soviet Army was built in 1954 in Sofia. The monument is surrounded by a large park where many young people gather. The monument is located on Tsar Osvoboditel Boulevard, near Orlov Most and the Sofia University.

Location: Downtown (East)
Soviet Army Monument map. How to get to Soviet Army Monument in Sofia

Gravity Climbing GYM

Gravity climbing gym is the biggest gym in Bulgaria. The climbing gym has a total area of 1000 sq m. and offers bouldering, top roping and lead climbing. The gym has a full retail shop with many sports brands like La Sportiva, Edelrid, Andrea Boldrini, Petzl, Black Diamond, Tendon and more.

Location: Students city region
Gravity Climbing GYM map. How to get to Gravity Climbing GYM in Sofia

NOVA Television (Nova TV)

Nova Television a.k.a. Nova televiziya (literally New Television), NTV, Nova TV or simply Nova is the first Bulgarian commercial television network launched on July 16, 1994.

Location: Far east side of the city of Sofia
NOVA Television (Nova TV) map. How to get to NOVA Television (Nova TV) in Sofia

NSA Climbing GYM

Large self contained climbing hall for sport climbing and boulder. The National Sports Academy climbing gym is located in Studentski grad (Students city) district. The club is one of the biggest in Bulgaria.

Location: Students city region
NSA Climbing GYM map. How to get to NSA Climbing GYM in Sofia

The Central Bath (Tsentralna Banya)

Behind the TZUM shopping mall there are a number of interesting historical sites, one of these being the Central Mineral Bath. With its colorful ceramic mosaics on the facades, it is a landmark in the center of Sofia.

Location: Downtown (West)
The Central Bath (Tsentralna Banya) map. How to get to The Central Bath (Tsentralna Banya) in Sofia

Stefan Stambolov Monument

The monument of Stefan Stamobolov was established at some tens of meters from the street where the politician was killed in broad daylight by two assassins in the late 19th century. He was attacked saber and slashed his face.

Location: Downtown (East)
Stefan Stambolov Monument map. How to get to Stefan Stambolov Monument in Sofia

Lions’ Bridge Sofia

Lions’ Bridge in Sofia (also known as “Lavov Most”) is the bridge over Vladaya River in Sofia, Bulgaria. It is located at the junction of Maria Louise and Slivnitsa Boulevards, and derives its name from the four prominent lions made of bronze at each end of the bridge.

Location: Downtown (North)
Lions’ Bridge Sofia map. How to get to Lions’ Bridge Sofia in Sofia

Festivalna Sports Hall

Festivalna sports hall is one of the places in Sofia, where many cultural events take place. Sport competitions are rare; however the hall is often hosting concerts, TV shows and expos.

Location: East Region
Festivalna Sports Hall map. How to get to Festivalna Sports Hall in Sofia

Eagles bridge

After entering Sofia from the East side by Tsarigradsko Shose Blvd (you use that boulevard also when you arrive at the airport), Eagle’s Bridge is the first crossing you have to stop at. Тhe Eagles’ Bridge [Orlov Most] is one … Continued

Location: Downtown (East)
Eagles bridge map. How to get to Eagles bridge in Sofia

Women’s market (Jenski Pazar)

Sofia’s largest and busiest market, Zhenski Pazar (Women’s market) has a wide range of seasonal fruit and vegetables, cheese, cured meats, dried fruit and nuts, homemade halva and other Turkish-inspired goodies. There are two “roads” the right-hand one is for fruits, vegetables and food and the left one is for clothes (usually cheap fake designer clothes), shoes, and other cheap Chinese stuff.

Location: Downtown (West)
Women’s market (Jenski Pazar) map. How to get to Women’s market (Jenski Pazar) in Sofia

Roman wall Sofia

Roman wall in Sofia, also known as the old wall is not really Roman. It is a Ottoman construction. It is believed that it was built in the first centuries of Ottoman rule. It forms part of a small square building, whose purpose has several theories.

Location: East Region
Roman wall Sofia map. How to get to Roman wall Sofia in Sofia

Mineral water springs

The city of Sofia was established next to some tracian mineral water springs. Today these mineral springs are located next to the Central bath (Tsentralna banya), Banya Bashi Mosque and TZUM Shopping mall. A new construction lets the water flow and people can drink or take some mineral water at home absolutly free of charge.

Location: Downtown (West)
Mineral water springs map. How to get to Mineral water springs in Sofia

Tsar Osvoboditel Boulevard

Tsar Osvoboditel Boulevard which means Tsar Liberator Boulevard is a boulevard in the very heart of Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria. It is Sofia’s most central area and many government institutions and points of interest are located on this boulevard.

Location: Downtown (East)
Tsar Osvoboditel Boulevard map. How to get to Tsar Osvoboditel Boulevard in Sofia

Main astronomical point of Bulgaria

The Bulgarian main astronomical point of triangulation was built in 1920 by the Geography institute at the Ministry of War. The geography longitude was determined in 1930 by the prominent Bulgarian scientist academic Vladimir Hristov by simultaneous observations with the geodesic institute in Potsdam. In 1957-58 the point was connected with the main astronomical points of triangulation of Poland, Romania and Hungary.

Main astronomical point of Bulgaria map. How to get to Main astronomical point of Bulgaria in Sofia

Tsarigradsko shose

Tsarigradsko shose literally means “Road to Tsarigrad (Istanbul)” is the largest boulevard in Sofia.

Location: East Region
Tsarigradsko shose map. How to get to Tsarigradsko shose in Sofia

Sofia Ring Road

The Sofia ring road is an important thoroughfare surrounding Sofia. The Ring road is around 60 km long and it is currently going under several stages of reconstruction. The newest parts of the ring road are on the south side of Sofia at the foothills of Vitosha Mountin. The so called South Arch is connecting Boyana, Dragalevtsi, Simeonovo and Mladost districts.

Location: Sofia Surroundings
Sofia Ring Road map. How to get to Sofia Ring Road in Sofia

Todor Alexandrov Boulevard

Todor Alexandrov is one of the main boulevards in Sofia. It starts at the city center at the Sheraton hotel and it goes west at the direction of Lyulin districts. There are 10 districts (Lyulin 1, Lyulin 2… Lyulin 10) and this is one of the biggest residential areas. Combined Lyulins are being considered a “city within the city” and Todor Alexandrov Boulevard is the main road used by all Lyulin citizens to go to work at the Sofia center.

Location: West Region
Todor Alexandrov Boulevard map. How to get to Todor Alexandrov Boulevard in Sofia

Sofia Regional Court

The largest court in Bulgaria is located near the Roman Wall and the National Architecture University. The court is run by a chairman with five vice-chairmen. A total of total of 138 judges, divided into four divisions – one criminal and three civil divisions. The administration of the court consists of 460 clerks and includes legal secretaries, court clerks, court archivists, janitors, messengers and others.

Location: East Region
Sofia Regional Court map. How to get to Sofia Regional Court in Sofia

“Pette kiosheta” (The five corners)

The Five corners is one of the biggest and more famous crossroads in Sofia. His name comes from the fact that the roads that are gathering at this place are forming five corners.

Location: Downtown (South)
“Pette kiosheta” (The five corners) map. How to get to “Pette kiosheta” (The five corners) in Sofia

Bulgarian National Television

The Bulgarian National Television or BNT1 is the public broadcaster of Bulgaria. BNT’s headquarters are located in Sofia, Bulgaria, in a building located at the well-known address of 29 San Stefano Str. near Eagles Bridge (Orlov most) and Boris’ garden.

Location: East Region
Bulgarian National Television map. How to get to Bulgarian National Television in Sofia

Bulgaria boulevard

This boulevard is very important as the head of the state and the prime-minister use it to go from Boyana/ Bankya to the government headquarters in the center of Sofia.

Location: South Region
Bulgaria boulevard map. How to get to Bulgaria boulevard in Sofia
Bulgarian Academy of Sciences

Bulgarian Academy of Sciences

The Bulgarian Academy of Sciences is the National Academy of Bulgaria, established in 1869. The Academy is autonomous and has a Society of Academicians, Correspondent Members and Foreign Members. It publishes and circulates different scientific works, encyclopedias, dictionaries and journals, and runs its own publishing house.

Location: Downtown (East)
Bulgarian Academy of Sciences map. How to get to Bulgarian Academy of Sciences in Sofia

Cherni Vrah Boulevard

Cherni vrah Boulevard starts near the National Palace of Culture, right at the intersection with Bulgaria Boulevard and goes straight southt to the Vitosha Mountain and Dragalevtsi. The boulevard is named after the highest peack in Vitosha Mountain – Cherni vrah (Black Peack).

Location: South Region
Cherni Vrah Boulevard map. How to get to Cherni Vrah Boulevard in Sofia

Tsar Boris III Boulevard

Tsar Boris III Boulevard is the main road that goes south-west at the direction of the city of Pernik. This actually is the old road to Pernik as since Lyulin highway was released the traffic at Tsar Boris III Boulevard significantly decreased.

Location: South West Region
Tsar Boris III Boulevard map. How to get to Tsar Boris III Boulevard in Sofia

Trakia Highway

The Trakia highway or Thrace motorway, is a highway currently in construction in Bulgaria. It is planned to connect the capital of Sofia with Burgas and the Black Sea through the second-largest city of Plovdiv.

Location: Sofia Surroundings
Trakia Highway map. How to get to Trakia Highway in Sofia
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