Attractions in Sofia

When you are in Sofia go to see the local attractions and collect some good memories and a brief overview of Bulgarian history and culture. The city is one of the oldest in Europe. It was found on the site of a former Neolithic village in VIII BC. Its name comes from the Greek word “Sofia” which means wisdom. You can see many old buildings, old streets, monasteries and artifacts that are preserved to tell the story of the city. But Sofia is not all about ancient and medieval monuments. Today the image of Sofia is changing fast. There are many new attractions - modern buildings, parks, malls, museums, galleries, universities, etc. There are so many attractions on a walking distance in Sofia that you will be amazed by the short distances between them. As there are hundreds of attractions there is something for everyone. Please take a look at the list of local attractions that we have prepared for you.

Botevgradsko shose Blvd.

Botevgradsko Shose Boulevard means the “road to Botevgrad”. This road is one of the main transportation hubs as it connects with Hemus highway and it is connecting Sofia to Northern Bulgaria.

Location: East Region
Botevgradsko shose Blvd. map. How to get to Botevgradsko shose Blvd. in Sofia

Vitosha Mountain TV Tower

Vitosha Mountain TV Tower, is located at Kopitoto (The Hoof) locality on a 1348 m tall rock outcrop. The TV tower itself is a 186 meter tall built of reinforced concrete on Vitosha Mountain near Sofia, Bulgaria. It is the second tallest television tower in Bulgaria.

Location: Vitosha mountain
Vitosha Mountain TV Tower map. How to get to Vitosha Mountain TV Tower in Sofia

Dragan Tsankov Bouleverd

Dragan Tsvetkov Boulevard is a large boulevard in Bulgaria’s capital Sofia. The boulevard goes next to Tsarigradsko shoes, allowing some of the cars for the southern districts to be channeled directly and decrease the hevy traffic on Tsarigradsko shoes.

Location: East Region
Dragan Tsankov Bouleverd map. How to get to Dragan Tsankov Bouleverd in Sofia

Borisova Gradina TV Tower

The Borisova Gradina TV Tower or the Old TV Tower is a 106-meter tall including the aerial. It is located in the Boris’ Garden in Sofia. It is known as the tower used for the first Bulgarian National Television broadcasts in 1959.

Location: East Region
Borisova Gradina TV Tower map. How to get to Borisova Gradina TV Tower in Sofia

Maria Luisa Bath

The swimming pool Maria Luisa is located in the heart of the Boris’ Garden among greenery, numerous statues, between the national stadium Vasil Levski and the Academic tennis courts. The swimming pool was once known as Maria Luisa Bath, and then it was converted to a big swimming pool. There are some tensions between Sofia Municipality and the current owner and for the past decade the pool is closed for visitors.

Location: East Region
Maria Luisa Bath map. How to get to Maria Luisa Bath in Sofia

Sofia Land Amusement Park

Sofia Land was an amusement park in Sofia, Bulgaria. It was the first true amusement park in the country, as well as one of the largest in Southeastern Europe, and was situated on an area of 35,000 m² in a park close to Sofia Zoo. Often called the Cherry of Sofia, this place is fully packed with places to eat and drink and, if you get tired of the high-tech rides, there is also bowling and pool, two cinema saloons, and various shows and shops.

Location: South Region
Sofia Land Amusement Park map. How to get to Sofia Land Amusement Park in Sofia
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There are many tour operators and travel agencies that are offering trips to some of the most interesting sights in Bulgaria and also are offering guided city tours around Sofia. There are also many private guides that may give you a personal Sofia tour. That could be  an orientation tour, shopping tour, galleries and museums or local attractions tours.