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EasyJet is Europe’s leading airline, operating on over 600 routes across 30 countries with a fleet of over 200 aircraft. In 2012 they served over 55 million passengers. The airline flights to Sofia from Manchester, Gatewik and Madrid.

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easyJet flies between more primary airports on more popular routes across Europe than any other airline. These airports offer our passengers a greater connectivity across Europe, however they tend to be busier and more subject to slot constraints and curfews than smaller airfields located further away from Europe’s main cities. Nonetheless, easyJet does everything we can to get passengers to their destination on time.

The time of each arrival is recorded automatically via the ACARS system in the aircraft and sent directly to our operational control centre. Some other airlines have alternative methods to measure OTP including manual inputting which can be subject to inaccuracies and even abuse. The automatic system easyJet has in place ensures that we can correctly measure the time our passengers arrive at their destination.