Dental clinic in Sofia
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2B Dent Dental Clinic

Address: 12 Emiliyan Stanev St., Krastova vada district, Sofia
Phone: +359 2 4688333
Mobile: +395 899995084
Work time:

Monday - Friday
09:00 – 20:00

The 2B Dent dental clinic is a modern center equipped with high technology, offering complex dental services to its patients. It is situated at a convenient well-communicated location in immediate proximity to Paradise Mall.

The clinic employs a team of specialists in the fastest developing dentistry spheres:

Esthetic, direct and indirect restorations, orthodontics, implantology, endodontics, pediatric dentistry.

The complex approach to treatment is at the base of the multidisciplinary model applied by the clinic. Thanks to the good communication between the individual specialists, each specific situation is assessed through the prism of different dental specialties, and an individual comprehensive plan is prepared for each patient to achieve the desired end result. Each problem is considered not independently, but rather as a part of a harmonious and balanced bio-psycho-system whose integrity is disrupted.

Using the latest technologies and materials allows us to practice a more conservative, minimally invasive treatment, and to create long-lasting, highly esthetic, and biologically tolerable structures.

Special attention is afforded in the clinic to our young patients, as well. Our orthodontist and our pediatric dentist attend to already existing problems, but also to the prevention and prophylaxis of potential future ones.

The harmonious and cheerful atmosphere in the center is an important factor which helps to reduce the stress for our patients and enhances their comfort. This pleasant environment is guaranteed by our smiling and positive team, as well as by the spacious interior which offers all comforts.

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