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Accounting and auditing services
Address: Sofia, Kazichene, 5 Tsar Boris III Str.
Phone: +359 895 734 994
Mobile: +359 895 735 353
Email: abisinialtd@abv.bg
Work time:

09:00 - 18:00

Accounting company Abisinia ltd. was founded in 1998. We offer a full annual service subscription in accounting and auditing services to private companies in various business areas.

Among our clients are: grocery stores, stores for alcohol and tobacco, hotels, medical centers, restaurants, meat and other food products  processing companies.

Abisinia Ltd.’s team consists of highly qualified staff with knowledge of foreign languages and familiarity with various aspects of the economy,finance,taxation and law, who also work together with skilled auditor consultants.
The Manager Nadka Nikolova Geosheva is a certified accountant with many years of experience. She has a Master’s degree in “Finance and Credit” from the University of National and World Economy-Sofia.

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