Sklada - design shop in Sofia
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Design shop SKLADA

Address: Sofia, 11 G. Benkovski Str., 4 fl.
Phone: +359 981 69 88
Work time:

Monday – Friday
10:00 - 19:00

At a few steps away from the center of Sofia, in the context of an old factory, whose industrial aspect was purposefully conserved, showroom SKLADA combines in its sincere and authentic esthetic of its space and the unusual, playful and elegant character of the products of contemporary design.

From its very beginning SKLADA hasn’t concerned itself with trends and fashions, but instead followed its own notion of new, by searching inspiring products, marked by the creativity of its makers as a result of a sophisticated manufacturing process.

Items expressing the fragile balance between art and functionality, emotion and rationality, industry and craft whose forms are shaped in the light and daring spirit of our time.

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