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Earth & People SPA

SPA procedures & relaxation
Address: Sofia, Okolovrasten pat 27
Phone: +359 2 424 1000
Mobile: +359 988 12 7000
Email: reservations@earthandpeople.bg

The Earth and People hotel offers you precisely this – complete relaxation in a peaceful atmosphere, modern jacuzzi and atmosphere, which predisposes to rest and relaxation.

Swimming pool and jacuzzi
Several lengths in the indoor pool of the Earth and People hotel is the perfect start of the day. An its perfect finish is to lie in the sun lounger by the pool with a drink in your hand in preparation for the sauna or massage. The swimming pool is 13.20 m long and 5.50 m wide. Its depth reaches from 1.10 to 1.40 m. There are areas for hydro-massage and an external shower. Relaxing atmosphere, water with a pleasant temperature, towels and lounges are available – a great way to restore your energy.

Jacuzzi, in which you can relax and feel how the water jets massage your body, the fatigue leaving it. You can order a drink and indulge in the gastronomic treats enjoying the feel that your form is restored .

Finnish Sauna
The Finnish sauna has a temperature of the air to 80oC . The specialists recommend a stay of between three and four minutes, gradually increasing it to fifteen minutes. The relaxation in the sauna, combined with swimming or relaxing in the jacuzzi reduces tension and stress, improves your blood circulation and helps to restore your tone and energy. The Finnish sauna in the Earth and People hotel is available at any time you want to enjoy and relax.

Herbal sauna
The herbal sauna is at a temperature of 60oC. It is suitable for people who want to take advantage of the favourable effect of the sauna, but cannot endure high temperatures. A mix of herbs and grasses is placed on a special grid. Steam and heat pass through it and the entire sauna is filled with their aroma. We recommend you to visit the herbal sauna of the Earth and People hotel for a maximum stay of between 20 and 30 minutes, and you’ll feel lively, energetic and refreshed.

Steam and Turkish bath
The classical Turkish bath consists of two rooms – a steam bath and hamam, where your body is massaged and it rubbed with oils and fragrances.

The temperature in the steam bath is between 45 – 50o C. The healing effect of the steam (it acts as a painkiller and hydrates) is combined with aromatherapy and relaxing music.Visit the steam and Turkish bath in the Earth and People hotel – herbal therapies, massages and any additional extras will help you to relieve the stress and tension and to feel healthy and rested.

Contrast showers
Contrast showers are a perfect way to start a heavy day’s work. The alternation of hot and warm showers will make you feel fresh and will increase your ability to concentrate. The use of contrast showers in the evening eliminates fatigue and stress and makes you feel fit again. They are especially useful for people with allergies and for smokers.

Relax zone
A good spa center always has a room for relaxation.
The relaxation room in the spa center of the Earth and People hotel is furnished elegantly and comfortably with the colors predisposing to relaxation and recreation. There you can enjoy your privacy another 20 or 30 minutes after you have had a massage, or used the sauna or the steam bath. You can lie down for a while reading a magazine or taking a nap. After this short transition from complete relaxation to your daily pace you will feel charged with strength and energy and ready to have something delicious and healthy in the vitamin bar. day. Use them, to keep yourself always lively and energetic.

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