Erotic bar Fetish Sofia
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Fetish Strip Club

Address: 4 Vitosha Blvd., Sofia
Phone: +359 2 981 3663
Work time:

Monday - Sunday
21:00 - 05:00

Striptease: Fetish Club – the first, the best and the only one that counts of all Fetish Clubs in Sofia if there’re any is especially created for those fetish lovers who like to share kinky fetish fantasies, to flirt, dance, and meet like-minded girls.

The Fetish Club Fantasy Show is performed by more than 20 kinky girls every night. They will show you everything about fetishism, seduction, fetish role-playing, exhibitionism and erotic dominance. Fetish Girls – visit Fetish Club and meet with your fantasies now! We have them all: Fetish Nurse, Teen Fetish, Military Fetish, Latex Fetish, Fetish Maid, School Teacher Fetish, Schoolgirl Fetish, Police Uniform Fetish.Striptease.