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Address: 100 Cherni vruh Blvd., „Paradise Center“ shopping mall - ground floor
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FREYWILLE creates artistic precious fire enamel jewellery. A very limited production in a manufactory at the original address in the centre of Vienna, where the company was founded in 1951, guarantees the highest quality standards in design and fabrication.

Artistic design is the focus of every piece of FREYWILLE jewellery. Each new collection is preceeded by continuous inspiration and original research in art history. Whether independently drawn collections or homage collections of world-renowned artists – each detail is the result of passionate design and careful research. Several collections take up immaterial and philosophical values, while others take inspiration from art-historical themes ranging from Greco-Roman art to contemporary art. For some collections the FREYWILLE artists have taken themes and motifs from the works of renowned European artists and given them contemporary artistic interpretation.

Every collection is unique in design and inspires loyal clients around the world. FREYWILLE continuously adds new designs to successful collections already launched.

FREYWILLE Classic Jewellery Edition covers a broad variety of jewellery and accessoiries in some of the most popular forms and shapes: earrings, pendants, bracelets, rings and brooches. The pure, and vivid colours of the artistic design in unique fire enamel with 24kt yellow gold powder or 18kt white gold powder, shine brightly framed by gold plated mountings or Rhodium-Palladium plated mountings.

Choice surroundings for distinguished enamel: The FREYWILLE 18 Karat Gold & Diamonds Edition merges the everlasting joy of luxury and exclusivity in a bright and sparkling way. The famous team of artists, goldsmiths and specialists in fine enamelling take excellence as their benchmark standard to comprise enamel, gold and diamonds on select items. Available in solid yellow and white 18kt gold editions, FREYWILLE limited pieces include luminescent creations that unite creativity, inspiration and love with ever-present sophisticated detail.

FREYWILLE jewellery watches are an exclusive combination of artistic design and high quality technology. All FREYWILLE watches contain a Swiss ETA quartz movement.

Luxurious hand-rolled FREYWILLE scarves are the perfect accessory. Made from 100% Italian silk, they are soft to the touch and an elegant expression while corresponding with the jewellery collections.

FREYWILLE clutches are more than just a bag: due to their understated, timeless quality, they are a stylish must-have that transform any outfit. Highlights of yellow gold and Rhodium-Palladium add an elegant touch to these fine leather clutches.

From fine silk ties to exquisite gold cufflinks, elegant leather belts and fine writing instruments, FREYWILLE Men’s Collection pieces fuse art and elegance.

With over 100 boutiques worldwide FREYWILLE is beautifully presented in an atmosphere of art, culture and fine jewellery.

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