Residential complex Green City - Apartments for sale
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MAXI Club Green City

Address: 110 Simeonovsko shose Blvd.
Phone: +359 2 8920012
Mobile: +359 887 537 172
Work time:

Monday - Friday
08:30 -17:30

Overlooking Vitosha mountain and away from the hectic crowds and noise, Maxi Club’s GreenCity is a peaceful piece of paradise.

The family atmosphere and the personal approach to every new member of this divine neighborhood, enriches this growing community.

Currently, there are 32 apartment buildings, six of which are with apartments for rent. The apartments for sale are ranging from 105 – 196 min size, while those for rent are 125 – 333 m2.

The tenants of GreenCity apartments are getting a membership card, granting them a 10% discount off all the venues on the premises, including the hotel and SPA center, the restaurants, tennis courts, indoor and outdoor pools.

On the premises of Maxi Club there is also a French school – kindergarten through twelfth grade, and a children’s store, offering everything from toys and clothes to trolleys. All of the above, combined with playgrounds and 24-hour security, makes Maxi Club incomparable for raising children.

All the roads within the compound are over six meters wide and the area between the buildings is significantly large, so the complex does not feel cluttered, but open and relaxed.

The vehicle movement in the Club is controlled by several barriers and security.

20 000 trees were planted throughout the 150 acres within Green City, justifying the name of this neighborhood and giving it a distinctive green feature, which has been nurtured over the course of ten years. The 500 families already living in the Club have had more than 350 babies since they moved in, ensuring their confidence in the fact that Green City is truly a safe and sound living area.

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