Hadjidragan's house - traditional Bulgarian restaurant & food
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Hadjidraganov’s Houses

Traditional Bulgarian food & atmosphere
Address: 75 Kozloduy St., Sofia, Bulgaria
Phone: +359 2 931 314 8
Mobile: +359 899 917 837
Email: info@kashtite.com
Work time:

Monday - Friday:
11:30 – 01:00
Saturday – Sunday:
11:30 – 01:00

Traditional Bulgarian restaurant consisted of restored from 19-th century houses close to the Lion’s Bridge. There are four different houses around an yard with architectural styles typical for beautiful towns Bansko, Melnik, Zheravna and Koprishtitsa.

“Hadjidraganovite kashti” the way Bulgarian people pronounce it (means Hadzhi Dragan’s Houses)  is like a time machine that will take you to the old days of 1866 year and you will get the chance to learn about the customs and culture of the country and to experience a culinary journey with Bulgarian specialties.

The guests of the restaurant have the pleasure to sit and eat on beautifully carved wooden chairs and tables. In the winter evenings they can enjoy of the massive fireplaces with a tasty dishes, a glass of Bulgarian red wine or hot rakia.

Live folklore music is performed by three talented musicians every day from Tuesday to Saturday and everyone who is eager can join the fun and learn how to dance “horo” like a real Bulgarian.

In summer they can enjoy the relaxing atmosphere of the green garden just a step left from the noisy streets.

As the guest could suggest the menu includes an astounding range of traditional Bulgarian specialties of many types of meat (lamb, veal, pork, chicken, fish), vegetable meals and desserts, complemented by an impressive variety of Bulgarian wines and rakias. There are few unique specialties that you can try nowhere – whole chicken prepared in big clay egg, the porcini soup served in a bowl of bread or giant Voevodska sofra for 10 people!

As a place where culinary traditions are alive, the team of the restaurant with Chef Borislav Hristov started in the beginning of 2016 year an initiative ‘Blazno i postno’  – very old traditional recipes that guest could taste as a special proposal.

‘Blazno” means that in the meal there is some type of meat, as well as ‘Postno’ means meal without meat.

Thanks to its attractive location, the restaurant is easily accessible – walking distance from many central hotels, by public transport or car and there is a place to park nearby.

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