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Interconsult 2000

Accounting & Tax consulting services in Sofia
Address: Sofia, Bulgaria, 6-8 Petra Str.
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09:00 - 17:30

The company Interconsult – 2000 Ltd. was established in Sofia city in June 2000.
The main subject of activity of the company is: Accounting services; organizing financial reporting and preparing annual, interim and other financial statements in accordance with the Accountancy Act; consulting; carrying out oral and written translations and services for legalization of documents; administrative, legal and any other services which are not prohibited by the current regulations.

The team of Interconsult – 2000 performs the activities in accordance with the requirements of the national accounting legislation and national tax legislation, as well as in accordance with the other national laws, and complies with its professional duties arising from the relevant national laws.

The condition and quality of the accounting system are essential for the management of the company. We have ever strived and will strive to build our relations with good care, high professionalism and respect for the clients and their priorities and needs.

In the Tax Department of Interconsult – 2000 tax consulting experts work who help companies to plan new activities and investments, foresee tax problems and solve such problems effectively. Our professional team is highly specialized and has extensive expertise in the field of tax and labor legislation.

Interconsult – 2000 Ltd. has been working in close cooperation with one of the most reputable Bulgarian companies in the field of tax consultations.

B. Cooperation with Interconsult-2000 Ltd.
We are able to provide highly qualified consultations in the field of:

1. Tax consultations

The team of tax experts of Interconsult – 2000 Ltd. deals with all aspects of the tax and social insurance legislation. Providing their know-how and feeling to our customers, our tax consultants accompany them on their way to success. The scope of services provided includes checking compliance with the tax legislation.

The tax services we offer are the following:

  1. Consultations and advice on tax legislation issues: income taxes, withholding taxes VAT, excises,  personal income tax;
  2. Consultations in the preparation of annual tax return on profit tax;
  3. Internal tax review;
  4. Assistance during tax audits;
  5. Consultations on the social and health insurance legislation.

2. Accounting

The accounting team of Interconsult – 2000 Ltd. helps our clients to manage successfully their financial reporting and finance, takes all preventive steps and advises them in order to ensure their adequate presentation to the Bulgarian authorities. We help our clients to manage successfully their accounting and finance.

The accounting services we offer include:

–       Preparation of Financial Statements in accordance with the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS);

–       Accounting consultations on the selection of accounting policy and/or on the application of International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS);

–       Preparation of internal management reports by the client;

–       Publication of Financial Statements;

–       Preparation of annual statistical forms;

–       Preparation of quarterly reports for the Bulgarian National Bank;

–       Preparation of quarterly reports for the National Social Security Institute;

–       Consultation on the selection of suitable accounting software and its use;

–       and other services.


3. Team

We can provide the following consulting team:           

  • Accounting consultant – 1 person
  • Tax consultant – 1 person
  • Labor legislation consultant – 1 person

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