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Medical Center “Aesthetic Surgery & Aesthetic Medicine”

Address: 11 20th April St., Sofia
Mobile: +359 88 571 9696
Fax: +359 2 951 5668
Email: info@serdevclinic.com
Work time:

Monday – Friday
12:30 - 18:00


Serdev Clinic– MC “Aesthetic Surgery, Aesthetic Medicine” islocated in the centerof Sofia. Itwas established in 1993 by the world renowned leader, lecturer, and teacher in cosmetic surgery beautification – Hon. Prof., Dr. Nikolay Serdev , MD, PhD.

The clinic’s activities are focused around the offering patients with minimally invasive and atraumatic procedures. Most popular among them are the scarless Serdev Sutures® lifts of Face and Body areas (known in Brasil  as “fio elastico Bulgaro”), followed by Rhinoplasty, Ultrasonic Liposculpturing (body contouring), VASER leg straightening and elongation etc.

Serdev Sutures® Lifting techniques have gained popularity due to their mini-invasive and atraumatic nature, where skin punctures only are used to capture, lift and stably attach flabby tissues to stable anatomical structures and thus provide immediate and in the same time durable result without scars and with no or minimal downtime. These methods are suitable for beautification of young people as well as for rejuvenation and beautification of elderly due to the creation of correct proportions, volumes and angles.

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