Mixtape 5 night club Sofia
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Mixtape 5

Address: Underpass “Gallery” (under the NDK bridge), Sofia 1000, Bulgaria
Phone: +359894681979
Mobile: +359889838348
Email: gigs@mixtape5.com

Club *MIXTAPE 5* is one of the most popular party and concert venues in Sofia. It is located in the city central area, close to the National Palace of Culture. Since 2011 the club has hosted hundreds of live music events, DJ parties and performances featuring both local and foreign artists.

The venue has two halls – A-side and B-side. With its two bars located on an upper level, A-Side has a amphitheater type of look, expanding a big dance-floor, and providing a good point of view towards the main-stage from every position. It is the bigger hall holding more than 800 people. B-Side on the other hand is much smaller and is the perfect host for alternative, local and underground gigs. It is cosy enough for approximately 200 fans. Both rooms are equipped with high quality sound systems for clear and deep music experience.

*MIXTAPE 5* is a friendly venue which represents all levels of the modern urban subculture. The walls of the backstage zone are signed by artists like Stereo MC’s, ONYX, Dubioza Kolektiv, Wu Tang Clan members, Finley Quaye, Fuel Fandango, Redman, X-Zibit, Talib Kweli, Max the Sax from Parov Stellar, Submotion Orchestra, Farmer’s Market, Freestylers, Enter Shikari, D.R.I., The Correspondents etc.

Follow club *MIXTAPE 5* on its Facebook page and see the upcoming events here: fb.com/mixtape5/events. If you want to see the party face of Sofia – *MIXTAPE 5* is always the better choice!

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