National Sports Academy Sofia Bulgaria
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National Sports Academy “Vassil Levski”

Address: 1700, Sofia, Studentski grad
Phone: +359 2 401 23 45
Mobile: +359 2 401 23 46

The Vasil Levski National Sports Academy is a higher education institution, which specializes in teaching coaching, physical education and kinesitherapeutics.

It was established in 1942 by Tsar Boris III as the Higher School for Physical Education and renamed to the Higher Institute for Physical Education and Sport (VIF) during 1953-1995. Some people still referred to the National Sports Academy as VIF.

he National Sports Academy offers programmes at the three academic degrees:

 Bachelor
4- year programmes (full time studies) – 240 ECTS

 Master
1-2 year programmes after completed Bachelor’s degree – min. 60 ECTS

 Doctor
Term of studying – at least 3 years after completed Master’s degree

The National Sports Academy provides fundamental education at Bachelor degree in the following fields:

 Sport
Professional qualifications:
Coach in … (55 types of sport)
Sport manager
Sport animator
Coach in adapted physical activity and sport

 Physical Education
Professional qualification:
Teacher in Physical Education

Kinesitherapy / Physiotherapy
Professional qualification:

Since 2005 the NSA applies the European Credit Transfer System – ECTS