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Obelya metro station

Address: 23 Obelski pat Str, Sofia
Phone: 00359 2 921 2001
Fax: 00359 2 987 2244
Email: metro@metropolitan.bg
Work time:

Monday - Friday
05:11 - 23:12

Weekends / Holidays
05:15 - 23:16

Obelya metro station is situated in the western end of the first diameter between the two micro complexes of Obelya RD. The entrance halls are situated on both sides of the Kakach river, the south entrance hall is located on the side of Obelya 1 RD, the north one is on the side of Obelya 2 RD.

The station is on the ground with side platforms and steel roof construction made of tubular structural elements. There is a buffer bus station for urban and suburban buses, near to the northern entrance hall. There is a tram line and a tram stop nearby as well, thus providing a link among the three types of public transport-metro, bus and tram, and suburban buses as well. The architectural design of the station and the surrounding area is done by architect Kr. Andreev and architect D. Mushev

Put into operation on April, 20th 2003.