Night club in Sofia - rock club Rock'n'rolla
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Address: Sofia, 1 Graf Ignatiev Str.
Mobile: +359 888 13 13 18
Work time:

Monday - Saturday
20:00 – 06:00

4 years ago the first rock club opened its doors after the long invasion of chalga establishments. During this period the club became of the best inSofia, and proved that not everything is chalga and there are people who like to listen to other kinds of music and have carefree fun.

In the words of a client “one of the few bars where you can see so many smiles faces”. The lack of show offs, the casual atmosphere and good music were instantly approved by foreigners who became a big part of our usual clients.

This is a place where people can enjoy the concert of their favorite performer, the game of their favorite team, to dance or just to listen to good music with a bottle of beer without it ruining their daily budget. If however they want to show their singing talents there is a specially designated karaoke hall where hidden talents can perform. A lot of people accuse us that the music we play are only hit songs and it is too soft. However, as the name shows we are a rock club and not a metal one so if you enjoy trash and black metal this is not your place. But if you are a true rock fan then you can have fun until dawn with us.

The capacity of the bar is 500 people but the possibility for separation of the halls makes it possible for small groups of 50 people to feel comfortable. Rock’n’rolla is foreigners’ favorite place.

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