Rotonda - traditional bulgarian restaurant in Sofia
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A restaurant built over 17 centuries of history!
Address: 14A Saborna Str. (next to St. George Rotunda in the inner courtyard of Sheraton hotel and the Presidency building. )
Mobile: +359 878 866 311
Work time:

Monday - Sunday

Kitchen 10:30 - 22:30
Bar       08:00 – 23:00

A few meters down from the noisy streets of Sofia you can find the unique five layers murals of the “Saint George” rotunda, which was built during the Roman times.

The stylish restaurant “Rotonda” has conquered the heart of Sofia and during the years of its existence managed to preserve the ruins of time and to combine the centuries-old heritage with the modern mind of the real connoisseurs of quality food and drinks.

In “Rotonda” you will be welcomed with exquisite traditional Bulgarian cuisine, mixed and balanced with some European dishes.  The restaurant is a place where friends are gathering to eat something at the high tables salon or to relax and drink cocktails at the comfortable sofa sets. The “Rotonda” restaurant is found and managed by a notable antique collectors’ family and over 24 years the venue is a real find on the back of the old Roman street.

Ancient Byzantine and Bulgarian icon painters have bequeathed cosmopolitan charm of the historic complex. Our elegant and stylish guests are finding with us their exquisite life style and the balanced calmness which can be given to them only by the hidden in the center of Sofia – “Rotonda”.

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In Rotunda you will find:

-          over 10 types of summer fresh flirt chance juices

-          cocktails that will turn you into something more than “just friends”

-          convenient sofa sets that are not only taking off jackets but inhibitions as well

-          Exotic ingredients and damn good mood

Rotonda - Notes

Nice atmosphere, good food and excellent service!

Food: balanced menu of Bulgarian national and European dishes, vegetarian food, barbecue, fish and fish specialties.

Music:  jazz, chill out, retro, pop

Extras: garden, panoramic view, wireless Internet

Good for:  smokers, non-smokers, eating, cocktails, meetings with friends, private parties, overeating, getting drunk, romance, first date

Venue type: Bistro, restaurant, bar & dinner, bar, cafe

Capacity: 50 seats

Payment type: cash


From our guest book: Rome in the center of Sofia;))) The evidence is hidden in the courtyard of the Presidency!!! Your garden is excellent for relaxation, and the places near the fish tank are offering some cozy moments while my kids ply hide and go seek among the ruins of the ancient complex.


Guest: Stefanova

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