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Scorpio security services agency

Address: 50 Pirin Str., Sofia
Phone: +359 700 10 711

Scorpio security services agency is offering complete licensed services in the domain of security ensuring personal security to physical persons, protection of property of physical and legal persons, security of public events, securities and cargos.

The organization is striving to be the leading company in the said domain and among the first in implementing innovations in its activity, in maintaining and improving the qualification of its specialists and employees. The systematic keeping up with the needs of the market, the updating and the adequate response allowed to SA SCORPIO Ltd to impose itself as a modern and competitive company.

The development of  SA SCORPIO Ltd. is pursuing the strategy of its management as concerns the professional completion of the contractual engagements, correctness in partnership, embracement per branches of the guarded sites, the complete combination between physical and technical security by using modern technical systems, the structure possibility to assume the protection of sites in whatever city or settlement in the country.

SCORPIO Security Agency guarantees your security:

  • Protection of property and cash funds against illegal actions and offences.
  • Discretion when arising specific situations.
  • Tranquillity and normal functioning of the guarded sites.

As we always did, in the future as well the correctness, professional approach and experience, the reliability and the quality when performing the security services shall be the leading motives when implementing the activity of SA SCORPIO Ltd.

Our main goal is to ensure the security of our clients /assignors/ while safeguarding each of them.