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Sin city

Address: 61 Hristo Botev Bldv. Sofia
Phone: 00359 2 810 888
Mobile: 00359 88 800 55 66
Email: office@sincity-bg.com

With a name like Sin City, one can think of a hundred reasons or temptations to visit this club.

Located in the centre of Sofia near Vazrajdane Square, the building itself is an imposing structure – three stories tall and resembling the Parthenon in Greece, with red lights illuminating it from the ground up. In communist times, this was a drab workers’ club, known to some as the Cultural Home of the Trade Union of Bulgaria. Today, Sin City is all about having a decadent and hedonistic great night out.

But what makes this club different from all the other clubs in Sofia is that it is open every night, and with bodyguards at the door dressed in black suits, Sin City not only feels safer, more luxurious and welcoming than other fashionable clubs, but its stunning interior design is like no other in the city, and perhaps the world. As designed by bulgarian designer Julian Tahov, the club has many rooms with wooden floors, a seemingly microcosmic city including Folk Club Help, a posh clubroom; Mistral Coffee, a modern coffee shop; Big Apple Piano bar, Lobby Bar, the entrance and hangout area; and Hemingway, a shop for various products ranging from perfume and roses to jewellery.

The DJ stage is located in the corner on an elevated platform, and the VIP lounge is raised as well, overlooking the entire room.  A VIP bar and bathroom add to the posh ambience. Reservations are highly recommended for all parts of the Folk Club Help, but the elegant VIP section is often booked well in advance. You might be amazed by a bulgarian (sin city) tradition of throwing napkins in the air. With a price of 200 EURO per pack this gesture shows the wealth of the one trowing the napkins.

The club is already a favourite nightspot for foreigners and the social elite of Bulgaria, and the general vibe is that Sin City is the exciting place in Sofia to have a great time in a safe and fascinating place. There surely is no other club like this in Sofia, and the design is worth sampling for its eye-candy appeal alone. With red lights illuminating the entire club, the Sin City is complete.

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