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Taxation lawyer - Tax and legal advice.
Address: 2 Ivan Denkoglu St., Sofia
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Are you looking for a good taxation lawyer in Bulgaria? Allow us to introduce Vanya Dimitrova.

Vanya Dimitrova is one of the most experienced taxation lawyers in Bulgaria. She is one of the very few that have both – a higher degree in Law and a higher degree in Accounting which gave direction to her career in taxation law.

She was heading one of the legal departments in the National Taxation Agency of Bulgaria which means that she knows all the regulations, documents and procedures used by the Bulgarian Tax administration. After several years with the tax authorities she left the government job and started a career in the private sector as a taxation lawyer.

Having the inside knowledge from her past job she became one of the most successful taxation lawyers in Bulgaria. She is a well known public speaker and she is conducting taxation law seminars all around Bulgaria. For the past few years Vanya Dimitrova won hundreds of cases for her clients and saved them over 15,000,000 EUR worth in taxes and voided fines.

If you have a business in Sofia or elsewhere in Bulgaria and you need a legal advice in terms of finance, taxation, documents or anything else related to your business in Bulgaria, you may consider Vanya Dimitrova as your best choice.

Some of the services Vanya Dimitrova provides are:

  • Legal advice
  • Filing complaints
  • Objections of fines set by the taxation authorities
  • Legal representation in court
  • Taxation law consultations
  • Contracts
  • Negotiations
  • Business related legal support for foreign investment

Do not hesitate and call her now for advice on your taxation or legal issues.

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