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Address: 11 Industrialna Str., 1202 Sofia, Bulgaria
Phone: +359 2 9178 880
Email: g.ivanov@vassilevibros.com
Work time:

Monday - Friday
09:00 – 18:00

VASSILEV BUSINESS CITY is a unique urban development project of “a town within the city” multi-use facility, offering mainly office, but also retail, storage and cultural/entertainment facilities, all located less than 1500 m. from the heart of Sofia – Alexander Nevsky Square, the House of Parliament and in close proximity to all Government and Public Administrative buildings.

VASSILEV BUSINESS CITY will provide more than 30000 sq.m. of modern grade A and B offices with an open space of up to 2700 sq.m. on one floor. The offices are fitted with large windows and high ceilings, ideal for administration, multinationals, banks and insurance companies.  The office space is fully flexible and can be tailor-made to accommodate all your corporate needs.

VASSILEV BUSINESS CITY provides more than 20000 sq.m. of storage space, some of it with a height of 10 m.

Additional details and options – Office space:

•             Height – up to 5 meters.

•             Antenna space and advertisement space – available on top of buildings.

•             Office space – Class A and B. Open space or separated

•             Air-conditioning (A-Class Offices) –  2 pipe.

•             Power (A-Class Offices) – two independent mains of supply at all time plus an independent dedicated to the Client generator, plus UPS of 250kW – available.

•             Floor (A-Class Offices) – raised floor for convenience of cabling – available.

•             Noise – max 40 dB at all times.

             Entrance (A-Class Offices) – independent entrance dedicated to the Client – optionally available.

•             Public Transport – regular public transport access

                Available at site:

Tramway No 2, 3, 18

Bus No 79

Private public transport No 11, 20, 46

Available in proximity (5 min. walking distance)

Bus No 305, 309, 310, 313, 404, 413, 214, 213, 86, 85, 79, 78, 53, 11

Trolley No 6, 7, 9, 11

Private public transport No 5

Subway Line 2 at 10 minutes walk


•  Local and Nearby Restaurants and Caffès – local VBC Caffè and a multitude of dinners nearby (Dondukov blvd., Alexander Nevski, Rakovski str., etc.)