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Velmar Jewelry House

Address: 51 Vasil Levski Blvd. First floor, Sofia
Phone: +359 2 980 89 81
Mobile: +359 888 955 615
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Velmar Jewelry House is a family-owned and operated business based out of Bulgaria with the mission of providing exquisite and unique pearl jewelry for all of our customers around the globe. We have been in the business of supplying quality jewelry for more than 25 years which has resulted in a well-developed knowledge base and significant experience in the industry as well. That experience and knowledge was gained through a long history of thousands of satisfied customers who are quite happy to return to us again and again for their pearl jewelry needs. Our customers respect and appreciate the fact that we are a leader in the jewelry market, and they are always ready to benefit from our expertise and professionalism in the matter of fine pearls and more.

Velmar is the largest importer of cultured, freshwater pearls as well as the largest producer and distributer of cultured pearl jewelries throughout Bulgaria.  But pearls are not the only type of jewelry we work with.  We also manufacture jewelry from precious and semi-precious stones as well as gold and silver.  We offer a huge variety of jewelry created with exquisite and precise artisanship coupled with unique designs many of which are inspired from the ancient jewelry collections throughout Bulgarian history.  Each stone, jewel, and pearl is individually developed in order to showcase its innate beauty to the greatest extent possible before using it in one of our artistic pieces of pure and elegant beauty.  All of our jewelry is made by hand with very careful attention given to each and every detail – nothing gets overlooked.

New customers are surprised at the low cost of our jewelry, and price is another aspect that keeps our customers happy and returning time and time again to take advantage of our great prices.  In fact, we price our gorgeous jewelry anywhere between 40-80% lower than the fair market prices common for this class of jewelry.  And to top it all off, our materials earn the highest class of AAA International Quality certifications available in the industry

Every item we offer is completely unique and can be personalized for your particular preferences.  Each piece comes with a variety of both short- and long-term guaranties as well as a lifetime warranty against defective pearls.  Loyal customers who want a spectacular piece of jewelry custom-made according to individual specifications can consult directly with our designers in order to create a one-of-a-kind piece using pearls, gold, silver, and/or diamonds and other precious or semi-precious gems, stones, and pearls.  Custom pieces can be designed according to verbal or written instructions, or they can be designed from a photo or sketch of the dream piece someone might be looking for.

Satisfying our customers is so important to us that we offer a 100% money-back guarantee for any reason with no questions asked for 30 days after the purchase date.  Because we have more than 25 years in the business, we know what our customers are looking for so it is a very rare occasion when anyone requests a refund.  But just in case and to make sure our customers are confident their money is well-spent on our jewelry, any time someone asks for their money back within 30 days from the original date of purchase, we have no problem providing a full refund in a timely and hassle-free process.

We are available to our customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year when needed.  We carry a significant amount of jewelry on site at our Velmar Pearls showroom in the heart of the city of Sofia. If someone is looking to purchase immediately without waiting for a custom piece to be made, he or she has plenty of options to find a perfect piece of jewelry for any occasion that can be purchased on the spot at our showroom.



Here at the Velmar House of Jewelry, we only work with freshwater pearls of the highest quality. Each pearl is presented as the symbol of elegance it is whether it’s a single pearl on one of our delicate necklaces or it is one of many pearls on our longest strands – each pearl is examined individually to ensure it meets our extremely high standards of excellence.

Our pearl collection is so extensive that you may just be surprised with the unexpected variety of fine jewelry we can provide for immediate purchase. We offer a huge assortment of exquisite pearls in different shapes, sizes, and colors. We also offer various combinations of the gorgeous pearls with high-quality precious metals which together produce absolutely stunning pieces of art in the form exquisite jewelry.

The workmanship of our expert jewelry artisans uses the finest pearls, precious metals, and/or precious or semi-precious stones to create classic pieces of jewelry that will retain their value for centuries to come.  Our expert designers draw inspiration from many sources including historical jewelry pieces from ancient Bulgarian treasures that carry great significance and worth down through the ages.  They are often inspired by fine jewelry collections that are a part of museum displays around the world for all to appreciate.

Not only do we offer an amazing selection of classically inspired, unique pearl jewelry, our jewelers take great pride in creating one-of-a-kind or multiple pieces according to our customers’ own inspirational dreams or unique requests!  Most of the other companies in this industry only offer pre-made fine jewelry that cannot be customized to their customers’ preferences unless someone is willing to pay exorbitantly high prices.  However, at Velmar Pearls there is no such thing as “No – we can’t make that“ or “No – we don’t have that” when it comes to the needs of our customers, and our prices are low and competitive.

Here at Velmar each and every customer is considered to be a premiere customer with exclusive wishes to be followed precisely when it comes to creating elegant pieces according to the customer’s requirements.  Customer satisfaction is our priority, and there is nothing involving pearls, precious metals, and precious to semi-precious stones that we cannot make to order. Whether it is designing jewelry according to a customer’s spoken request, sketch, or picture off the internet, we can make anyone’s dream piece of jewelry become an affordable reality!


There are many advantages to be had in connecting with Velmar Jewelry for a variety of reasons.  These advantages are created not only because of the superb quality of our fine jewelry, but also because of our history in the industry and the many benefits we offer to each customer every piece they purchase.

Our products have long been known for their exquisitely beautiful designs that utilize only the highest quality of materials in their creation.  The different warranties and guarantees we provide with our jewelry also set us apart from other jewelry sources that do not provide such significant services.  We are a well-known and respected business in Bulgaria for over 20 years and have become widely known across Europe as well.  Velmar Pearls is poised to be recognized as a worldwide leader in the industry because of the quality of our artistry along with the level of customer service we provide for each and every customer.  We have a proven track record of loyalty earned by giving our customers exactly what they are looking.  We also enjoy great loyalty from our customers who return to purchase jewelry from us repeatedly through the years.  In fact, much of our success is due in part to our loyal customers who come to us time and time again for their fine jewelry needs and who recommend our products to friends and family members because they know our product qualities as well as our customer relations can be trusted.  Every customer is considered to be royalty and are treated as such in the world of Velmar Pearls.

The reputation we carry as leaders in the pearl jewelry industry has been built for many reasons not the least of which include:

  • 25 years of industry experience
  • A large base of loyal customers
  • Files kept for each gem
  • A safe and secure delivery system
  • Private international quality certificate
  • European quality of workmanship
  • Velmar representatives in all Bulgarian cities
  • Affiliates in Macedonia, Serbia, and the Ukraine
  • Ability to purchase products through the internet or by physical catalog
  • Hassle-free and flexible payment options via credit cards or banking transfer
  • Individual corporate/business packages without initial investment (see Business Opportunity)



30-day, Money-Back Guarantee – Each piece of jewelry we offer for purchase online, in-store, or by request comes with an exclusive, money-back guarantee within the first 30 days after the purchase date.  If any one of our products does not meet a customer’s expectations for ANY reason, the jewelry can be returned for a full refund if we receive it no longer than 30 days after purchase.

One-Year Warranty – Purchasing jewelry from Velmar Pearls is a stress-free experience as we provide a fully-inclusive product guarantee for complete service for our jewelry within a one-year warranty window.  The warranty provides repair, cleaning, inspection, etc. for each piece of our fine jewelry so every customer can be confident their money has been well-spent on jewelry purchased from Velmar.

Limited Replacement – If a customer wants to replace a piece of jewelry after the one-year warranty has expired, it may be possible to do so with a 5% fee calculated on the current value of the pearls being returned.

Lifetime Guarantee – When it comes to the individual pearls themselves, Velmar pearls offers a lifetime guarantee for any pearl that becomes dark or cloudy or is otherwise proven defective at any time during the life of the pearl.

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