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Zapaden Park metro station

Phone: 00359 2 921 2001
Fax: 00359 2 987 2244
Email: metro@metropolitan.bg
Work time:

Monday - Friday
04:58 - 00:15

Weekends / Holidays
04:58 - 00:18

The metro station is situated in the east part of Lyulin RD, close to Zapaden Park. It is under the roadway of Tsaritsa Joana blvd, between D-r P. Dertliev blvd.and Lui Pastyor blvd.

Architecture of Zapaden Park metro station

The platform is an isle-like one, without columns, with a high ceiling. The ceiling and the walls are paneled with aluminum panels 75×75 sm. Above the granite plinth there are two lines of light green paneling components, and above them there are panels 3×3 m, put at an equal distance from each other, colored the same way. The rest of the coverage of the walls and the ceiling is implemented in white color, and part of the paneling elements are embossed with circular coves. The floor is covered with polished grey granite, Chernomorets type, with longitudinal stair-like stripe in the middle, implemented with black Gabro. Groups of metal benches painted in green color are mounted on the floor. The lighting fixture is installed into two round longitudinal tubes.

Put into operation on Jan. 28th 1998