Vitosha Mountain

Vitosha Mountain is a national park which rises immediately next to Sofia and is one of the symbols of the capital of Bulgaria. There are just a few big cities and capitals in the world that possess such a natural advantage. Vitosha Mountain is the most significant part of the Plana-Zavala Mountain System. Its highest peak is Cherni Vrah (The Black Peak) 2290 m.

Vitosha Mountain in winter Ski lessons Nature Autumn path trough the forest Vitosha flora & fauna Boyana waterfall Dogs slate Autumn Forest in autumn Forest Horses Icy day Mountain lake The park boundaries fluctuated over many years and today it encompasses the entire mountain; an area of 266.06 km². Winter path At a time when nature conservation ideas were a long way from the present understanding, some enlightened noblemen took the first step in 1934 by declaring 66 km² of Vitosha a national park, hence Vitosha became the first park of this kind in the Balkans. Skiing Sky Mountain slopes Vitosha @ winter Early flower Summer days Pure beauty Vitosha mountain sunset Warmer weather Mountain spring Weather station Vitosha during the winter