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What is a hostel and how to find a cheap hostel in Sofia

Crosspoint Sofia hostel
There are many young people who are passionate about traveling all over the world and most of them prefer to stay in a hostel rather than staying in a regular hotel. The advantages of the hostels in Sofia are obvious. First it’s the price, as hostels are budget oriented they offer a lot cheaper accommodation and for the young people that do not have high incomes this type of service is a lot more affordable. The second advantage is that the hostels are social place where you meet other people like you. In a hostel people tend to spend the evenings together or guests may go out for a drink together and they become friends. It is not uncommon that people, who met in a hostel, exchange their addresses and they visit each other in their home countries.

Spending a time in a hostel might be a lot more fun and you might make new friends there.

Typically people are searching for a hostel in Internet and book without the use of travel agency in order to keep the cost low. There are many hostels in Sofia, we have more than 14 of them listed in our “Hostels in Sofia” section, and for more you might need to use a specialized hostel search web sites like:

Typically in the Sofia hostels you can rent a bed in a common dormitory or a separate room while sharing a bathroom and sometimes kitchen with the other guests. And of course you all are using the common living room areas. It is not uncommon for hostels to have long-term residents who work there as desk clerks or housekeeping staff in exchange for free accommodation.

In general hostels in Sofia are well maintained and clean places located in the center of the city, next to the major tourist attractions and they offer a friendly atmosphere in which all tourists can spend some quality time in Sofia.

Some of the hostels that we can recommend are: Art Hostel B&B, Hostel Mostel, Canape Connection and the Danish hostel in Sofia.

Art Hostel and B&B
Canape connection